The Eyewear of the Future: Vergence Labs

Noble Vision GroupThe Eyewear of the Future: Vergence Labs

In a post from a few months back, we told you about the tech/social media/eyewear startup, ZionEyez. The Eyez glasses, available this summer, will be able to record 2-3 hours of high-definition POV video, which users can share on their favorite social media channels or stream live through video sharing websites.

A new startup, however, may be giving ZionEyez some competition on the video glasses front. Vergence Labs, a young startup working with the assistance of Stanford’s startup accelerator, StartX, recently began a Kickstarter campaign attempting to raise $50,000 to develop their own video sharing glasses.

While the product is still in the prototype stage, far behind ZionEyez in development, Vergence will offer some features that the Eyez glasses do not. Aside from their stylistic differences, Vergence’s Epiphany Eyewear, will allow users to turn their specs from reading glasses to sunglasses with the touch of a button. Using “magic glass” technology (chromatic shifting conductive glass), sometimes used for doors and windows in trendy restaurants and offices, Vergence’s glasses will have an instant on/off sunglass feature.

An embedded sensor in the glasses will also record the user’s biometric data synchronized with the video. Users can then share not only their first-person experience of an event, but also data like their pulse, body temperature, blood pressure, calories burned, and possibly brain signals further into the future.

Vergence is also working on an “immersive visor display… allowing you to see 3D Stereo Films, 3D virtual worlds, and 3D first person point of view videos as captured from other people’s points of view.” To accompany the visor, Vergence is developing eye tracking “Think-to-Click” technology and motion sensing technology that will allow users to navigate the 3D worlds within the visor simply through looking at certain spots or making certain gestures.

It will be very interesting to see how society and the IT sector respond to this type of technology when it is fully available to the public. Will ZionEyez and Vergence Labs battle for supremacy in the high tech eyewear market, or will the recently unveiled concept for Google Glasses become a reality and overshadow both of these companies?

Regardless of which company wins out, one thing is for certain—wearable computer technology is the wave of the future, which is beginning to look stranger than we ever could have imagined.


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  1. Jun 17, 2012
    6:09 am

    LydiaNo Gravatar

    This is NOT on KS. It’s on Indiegogo. If you want to read about them, search Indiegogo for Vergence Labs.

    • Jun 19, 2012
      5:32 pm

      Noble Vision GroupNo Gravatar

      Thanks for letting us know. At the time this was written, Vergence Labs had an ongoing Kickstarter campaign, but it appears they suspended funding for the project on June 5. Thye have now moved their funding campaign to Indiegogo.

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