Guest Blog: Drivewear Sunglasses – The Benefits

Noble Vision GroupGuest Blog: Drivewear Sunglasses – The Benefits

The following was written by David Schmidt, Jr., President of Brighton Optical in Buffalo, NY.

Drivewear sunglasses are designed to meet the needs of drivers. Unlike ordinary glasses or sunglasses, Drivewear sunglasses can adjust the amount of eye shading they provide according to the brightness of the weather conditions. This means that you are never stuck squinting into the sun or left temporarily blinded by a sudden drop in light levels. This increased visibility offers enormous safety benefits for you as the driver, any passengers that are in the car with you, and other drivers on the road, as it means that you are less likely to end up in an accident.

Driving offers a particular set of challenges for both human eyes and artificial eyewear. Wet roads produce glare when the sun shines on them, and other cars can reflect sudden flashes of light into a driver’s eyes. These problems can be uncomfortable or even dangerous if the driver reacts by shutting his eyes or looking away. And of course the whole point of driving is to travel large distances quickly, which means that during one journey you could experience a wide range of weather conditions, from bright and sunny to overcast or even gloomy. Fortunately, with Drivewear sunglasses, you are prepared for all eventualities. You no longer have to remember to pack two or three different pairs of glasses: just remember to put on your Drivewear glasses before you hit the road.

Drivewear sunglasses adjust automatically according to how much light falls on them. In bright light, they become darker to protect your eyes. When a cloud comes overhead, the pigmentation in the lenses quickly fades away so that you are able to see where you are going. In addition, they use polarizing technology to minimize glare. Polarizing filters in the lenses block out light that has been reflected from shiny surfaces, such as other cars or water on the road, while still letting through ambient light. When you are driving, you don’t have time to change between different pairs of glasses every time the light level outside changes. With Drivewear sunglasses, you can keep your eyes on the road at all times, while letting your glasses handle the ever-changing light conditions.



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  1. May 30, 2012
    12:26 pm

    anne okoduwaNo Gravatar

    is this different from a transition?

  2. May 30, 2012
    6:27 pm

    Noble Vision GroupNo Gravatar

    DriveWear is a lens manufacturer with technology that combines Transitions® Photochromic Technology and NuPolar® polarization.

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