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With today’s technology, designers can create just about any gadget imaginable. Open source technology and easy access to design software has allowed DIYers across to the world to create all kinds of programs, apps, and products—some of them are revolutionary while others are pretty useless.

The same goes in the world of eyewear gadgets and accessories. We’ve scoured the interwebs to find you the most unique eyewear-related products. It’s up to you to decide whether they fall under revolutionary or completely useless.

Liquid Shades: It’s a scenario we’ve all been through: You head out for a hike on a beautiful summer day with a few of your good friends. You pack a bag with some sandwiches and a 6-pack of your favorite bottled beer so you and your buddies can fuel up and celebrate when you get to the top. You finally make it to the beautiful viewpoint at the top of the hike and reach in your bag for that celebratory adult beverage. But wait—you forgot to pack a bottle opener! Now you’re desperately trying to pry open the cap on anything you can find—rocks, sticks, maybe your friend is one of those people who can open a beer with their teeth. Pretty soon there’s beer spilled everywhere, your friend has glass shards in his/her mouth, and your day is ruined.

If you had a pair of Liquid Shades, this never would have happened. These Wayfarer-style shades, made from aerospace grade titanium, have a bottle opener built into both arms so you can protect your eyes from UV rays and always be prepared to crack open a beer. They’re powder-coated so they won’t scratch and the hinges are specially designed to withstand repeated bottle openings.

Liquid Shades’ Kickstarter campaign received over $26,000, more than $11,000 over they’re target amount for manufacturing, development, and testing. The sunglasses are still in development, but check their Facebook page for updates on when you can buy a pair.

Calvin Klein USB Sunglasses: Another example of multi-use shades, Calvin Klein’s USB Sunglasses are a great choice for the computer geek who is also into fashion. The stylish glasses contain a 4 GB USB thumb drive inconspicuously hidden in the right arm. Just take off your shades, detach the thumb drive, plug it into your computer, and your most important files are right there. It’s the perfect gift for the traveling IT guy in your life.


Wooden iPhone Cradle & Nose: Haggerty Woodworking in Pennsylvania began a Kickstarter campaign to fund the manufacturing of a handcrafted wooden iPhone case and matching charging cradle, complete with a wooden nose to hold your glasses while you sleep.

The case, cradle, and nose will be available in 4 different types of wood, each with a hand-rubbed oil finish. There are also 20 different laser designs for the back of the case as well as 6 different types of noses to choose from—Ogg, Priscilla, Marvin, Groucho, Chad, and Robin. There’s even a double nose stand available so you can mix and match a Marvin and a Groucho, or perhaps a Robin and a Priscilla.

Hair Glasses: If handcrafted woodwork isn’t your thing then how about the latest medium to hit the fashion world—human hair. According the designers’ site the UK beauty industry imports over 15 million pounds of human hair every year. Two graduates from London’s Royal College of Art decided to do something a little different with all of that imported hair.

Studio Swine’s Hair Glasses are formed with human hair using bioresin as a binding agent, making them 100% biodegradable. If you’re in the market for some earth-friendly, conversation-starting glasses, look no further.


Onion Goggles: This protective eyewear is an invention that solves a problem mankind has been battling since the dawn of time. We’ve all experienced the burning sensation in our eyes that occurs when chopping onions. Sometimes it gets so bad that we even need to step away from the cutting board to splash water on our face. This happens because onions release a chemical when cut, which breaks down into a gas that wafts into the tears coating our eyes, turning the gas into “a mild sulfuric acid.”

With the Onion Goggles, you can say goodbye to those stinging, watery, oniony eyes. The one-size-fits-all plastic goggles protect your eyes with a foam seal that locks out those irritating fumes. If you can’t handle the minor inconvenience that comes with chopping vegetables, this is the product for you. Plus you won’t look stupid at all.

Computer Glasses: There is no doubt that with increased on-the-job computer use over the past decade or so, Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) has become a problem for many people. In fact, about 1 in every 6 eye exam patients is affected by CVS. Staring at a computer screen for long hours can cause dry eyes, back and neck pain, blurred vision, and headaches.

This has led Gunnar Optiks to create their line of Technology Eyewear. The glasses are designed to filter out harmful artificial light, protecting your eyes and making it easier to focus. While not everyone will agree on the fashion aspect of Gunnars, they address a real need for anyone who works long hours in front of a computer. In fact, I could use a pair of these right about now.

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