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Sandeep Kishore at TEDMED 2012 – “The Causes of the Causes” Sandeep Kishore, a post-doctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School and co-chair of the Young Professionals Chronic Disease Network, spoke at TEMED 2012 about the importance of understanding the socioeconomic causes of disease and illness. He argues that public health and medical education have been [...]

Dr. Peter Diamandis Discusses the Upcoming Innovation Explosion   In his presentation from TEDMED 2011, Dr. Peter Diamandis discussed what he believes will be an explosion of healthcare innovation in the near future. Just as the planet currently has an “information abundance” via the internet, Diamandis believes we will soon have a “healthcare abundance,” where [...]

Gabor Forgacs on Bio-Printed “Lab Meat”   In previous posts we’ve covered the topic of 3D printing and its future impact on both the healthcare and consumer industries. The latest video released from TEDMED 2011 is a presentation from physicist, bioengineer, and entrepreneur, Gabor Forgacs, which highlights new breakthroughs in this rapidly growing technology. Forgacs explains [...]

Daniel Kraft: TEDMED 2011   In this inspirational presentation from TEDMED 2011, Daniel Kraft, a Stanford and Harvard-trained physician-scientist, offers up some ideas regarding how the medical industry can move from the present to the future. If you saw the last TED Talk we posted from Daniel Kraft, he explains the plethora of emerging medical [...]

Decoding the Brain: Breakthrough Retinal Prosthesis   In this fascinating presentation from TEDMED 2011, neuroscientist and professor at Cornell University, Sheila Nirenberg, discusses breakthrough technology in retinal prosthesis. Nirenberg has devoted her career to understanding how the brain encodes outside information into electrical activity. This understanding has allowed scientists to develop a retinal prosthetic that [...]