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TED Talk: Tissue Engineering for Personalized Medicine In a recently published TED Talk by Nina Tandon, an expert in electrical engineering and 2012 TED Senior Fellow, she explains how her genetically engineered body parts will not only be used to replace human organs, but also to improve the drug screening process. The talk starts off [...]

Bats May Hold the Secret to Healthy Eyesight & Eternal Youth In Western culture, bats are often thought of as evil, scary, disgusting creatures. In movies and books they’re associated with demons and vampires and you’re likely to see some spooky bat-related decorations this Halloween. In Emma Teeling’s recent presentation at TEDx Dublin, however, she [...]

Kent Larson: The City of the Future Ok, so this TED Talk isn’t directly related to healthcare or eye care, but it’s pretty fascinating and worth sharing nonetheless. In the latest presentation from TEDx Boston to hit Youtube, Kent Larson, the director of the MIT House_n research consortium and director of the MIT Media Lab’s [...]

Ramesh Raskar & The World’s Fastest Camera In this recently published TED Talk, MIT professor, Ramesh Raskar (also a developer of Eye Netra and Eye Catra, the smartphone eye exam and cataract detection devices) explains the technology behind the world’s fastest camera. The camera, developed at the MIT Media Lab, is able to capture light as [...]

TED Talk: Neil Harbisson, Cyborg Activist Meet Neil Harbisson, an artist, musician, and cyborg activist. He’s a brilliant and eccentric character devoted to pushing the limits of his senses by integrating technology into his very identity. In his fascinating TED Talk, Harbisson explains how he has accomplished this through his “eyeborg” device. Born colorblind, Harbisson [...]

A New Era for Medical Education - The Anatomage Table In a recently released TED Talk, Jack Choi, owner of the medical imaging software company, Anatomage, demonstrates one of the most advanced medical education tools on the market. We’ve seen plenty of educational tablet apps in the medical field, but the Anatomage Table takes medical touchscreen [...]

Gabor Forgacs on Bio-Printed “Lab Meat”   In previous posts we’ve covered the topic of 3D printing and its future impact on both the healthcare and consumer industries. The latest video released from TEDMED 2011 is a presentation from physicist, bioengineer, and entrepreneur, Gabor Forgacs, which highlights new breakthroughs in this rapidly growing technology. Forgacs explains [...]

TEDMED 201 – Charles Limb: Building the musical muscle   Yesterday the people at tedmed.com began uploading the first videos from TEDMED 2011. Dr. Charles Limb, a neurotology specialist at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, gave a fascinating presentation on hearing restoration, or, in a broader view, what our senses mean to us on an [...]

Abraham Verghese: A Doctor’s Touch   In a previous post, we highlighted Daniel Kraft’s TED Talk about the future of medicine. Kraft spoke of exciting breakthroughs just around the corner, like computers that can diagnose illness through a simple scan, doctors performing robotic surgeries from remote locations, once-complicated medical tests being performed on smartphones, and [...]