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Some New Apps for the Visually Impaired As mobile devices and the apps that go with them become more and more sophisticated, smartphones and tablets have quickly been adopted as valuable tools for the blind. We’ve written before about apps for the visually impaired, but here are a couple more recent ones you may not [...]

3D Printing: Creating Your Own Medicine We always love to hear about the latest developments in 3D printing. Whether the technology is printing consumer goods, food, or body parts, 3D printing will change the world in the coming decades. In one of the latest TED Talks to be released online, Lee Cronin, a professor of [...]

Omnio: A New Medical App Designed to Stop Doctors from Going MAD Since the mobile app market emerged just a few short years ago, there are now dozens of medical apps available to physicians. While there are lots of great medical apps out there, app developer Skyscape believes that many of them are too fragmented, [...]

Digital Eye Strain: The Impact of Electronic Devices on Vision   A guest post from Vance Hobbes – Vance Hobbes is a freelance writer and former medical researcher. He writes about many facets of the medical field and works with CompHealth. When he’s not writing the day away, he spends his free time tending to [...]

Triage.me: Helping the Underinsured Through Technology Roughly 48.6 million Americans are uninsured, while about 25 million are underinsured. Without access to primary care providers, the uninsured and underinsured are often forced to visit an emergency room, which costs an average of $700 a visit. Furthermore, the CDC estimates that 50% of all emergency room visits [...]

Eye Technology Roundup Our gathering of the latest news in eye care and eye-related technology… EyeVerify We’ve all seen sci-fi or spy movies where someone enters an elaborate vault or underground lair by scanning their eye into a computer. A startup called EyeVerify wants to bring that futuristic technology to your smartphone. The technology identifies [...]

CureLauncher: Crowdfunding for Medical Research Over the past few years, with sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, RocketHub, and more recently MedStartr, crowdfunding has come to prominence. It’s a great way for entrepreneurs to eliminate the middlemen and get their project or business idea directly funded from anyone with a credit card and an internet connection. Until [...]

Bright Eyes: Technology Meets Eyewear We’ve shared a few eyewear-related gadgets on the blog, but this one may be the coolest we’ve seen. The Bright Eyes Kit is a DIY technology kit that encourages users to learn computer programming. These glasses won’t improve your vision or protect your eyes, but they’re fitted with 174 LEDs capable of [...]

myHealthPal Aims to Change the Way Long-Term Conditions are Managed The developers behind an innovative new app are utilizing the crowdfunding site, MedStartr. If you missed our post about MedStartr, it functions much like Kickstarter, where developers in the healthcare industry present ideas for new technology or community projects, asking the public for funding. One [...]

Kent Larson: The City of the Future Ok, so this TED Talk isn’t directly related to healthcare or eye care, but it’s pretty fascinating and worth sharing nonetheless. In the latest presentation from TEDx Boston to hit Youtube, Kent Larson, the director of the MIT House_n research consortium and director of the MIT Media Lab’s [...]