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#6 of 10: Top Reasons for Poor Premium IOL Outcomes and How to Remedy Them: Managing the Ocular Surface   Managing patient expectations, the preoperative evaluation, corneal astigmatism, posterior capsular opacification, and addressing cystoid macular edema are all critical in making the premium patient happy with a premium outcome.  However, ignoring the ocular surface, one [...]

Dr. A.J. Contento on Punctal Occlusion: What to use, When to use it, and How to Bill   Dr. Contento Responds to Dr. Paul Karpecki’s Selected Targeted Treatments for Dry Eye   Punctal Occlusion: What to Use To elaborate on Dr. Karpecki’s post, Selected Targeted Treatments for Dry Eye, I would like to discuss punctal [...]

Evaluation of the Tearing Patient Evan H. Black, MD, FACS Last month we discussed the relationship between tearing and dry eye. Based on some questions and comments, I thought it would be a good idea to take things back a step and talk about the general evaluation of the tearing patient. Complaints of tearing problems [...]

It is widely accepted that an abnormal, hyperosmolar tear film cannot successfully support the ocular surface ultimately leading to a loss of mucin-producing goblet cells and an increase in conjunctival and corneal surface desquamation. In general, the cell-to-cell junctions of the corneal epithelium are more resistant to the adverse effects of a dysfunional tear film [...]