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Reify Health: An Interview with a Healthcare Startup Developer   We’ve written previously about the healthcare startup incubator, Rock Health, and the innovative companies to graduate from their program. They’ve done a great job empowering healthcare entrepreneurs, helping startups design technology, develop their brands, and wade through the confusing waters of FDA regulations, HIPAA compliance, [...]

The Contact Lens Refresh Card: An Innovative Eye Care Startup   UPDATE: Since the publishing of this post, the developers of the Refresh Card have ended their MedStartr campaign, as they are in negotiations with a number of strategic partners. This will allow them to bring the product to market faster than expected. All donations [...]

Startup Elements From Rock Health In a previous post, we told you about Rock Health, the healthcare startup incubator. The competitive program accepts applicants with ideas for web or mobile-based healthcare startups, offering workshops, seminars, office space, mentorship, and $20,000 in grant money. If you’re working at a healthcare startup but don’t have the means [...]

Healthcare Startups: Docphin   The healthcare startup incubator, Rock Health, announced last week their second lineup of health tech companies. Starting in January, 15 new businesses will begin a 5-month program where their developers will be given a $20,000 grant as well as the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals, participate in workshops, and more. [...]

Rock Health: A Healthcare Startup Incubator   With the rise of mobile technology we have witnessed a good handful of outstanding  innovations in healthcare, a particularly noteworthy industry in which to progress.  Introducing new technology into the healthcare industry requires developers to wade through the thick and murky waters of FDA guidelines, insurance policies, legal impediments, regulatory [...]

Up & Coming Eyewear: The Story of Shwood   At Noble Vision Group we’re always on the lookout for innovative new companies and products in the eye care industry. It just so happens that Shwood, one of the most promising new eyewear manufacturers in the country, is located right here in our home state of [...]