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CureLauncher: An Interview with the Co-Founder   If you visit our blog often, you may have read our post about CureLauncher, a new crowdfunding site that allows the public to contribute directly to medical research projects. The site is breaking new ground, making it easier than it’s ever been for researchers to obtain the funding [...]

CureLauncher: Crowdfunding for Medical Research Over the past few years, with sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, RocketHub, and more recently MedStartr, crowdfunding has come to prominence. It’s a great way for entrepreneurs to eliminate the middlemen and get their project or business idea directly funded from anyone with a credit card and an internet connection. Until [...]

Tommy Owens Eyewear: Handcrafted Eyewear for the Digital Age   With the emergence of companies like Shwood, SOLO Eyewear, and others, it’s no secret that handcrafted wood eyewear is a trend with some staying power. While the popular handmade look harkens back to the simpler days of low-tech skilled craftsmanship, a new eyewear brand combines [...]

docBeat Aims to Improve Communication Among Physicians   A new patent-pending medical app called docBeat, still in beta form, may turn out to be every physician’s best friend. The app, created by former gaming technology executive Sunny Tara and cardiac electrophysiologist  Dr. Dhiraj Narula, aims to facilitate more efficient communication among healthcare professionals through a [...]

Patient Adherence in the US – Infographic In anticipation of the 2012 Patient Summit USA, the creatives at Eyeforpharma designed a great infographic outling some keys figures on patient adherence in the US. A staggering amount of revenue is lost each year due to non-adherence–around $30 billion–which takes a financial toll on the government, insurance [...]

Seeing is Believing: A New Virtual Optometric Conference A brand new conference for the optometric market, called Seeing is Believing, is scheduled to take place from January 30-31, 2013. Unlike most trade shows, however, you won’t have to leave your office to attend. The event will “utilize an advanced virtual reality conferencing software” to showcase [...]

Infographic: Emerging Optical Technology We often blog about emerging technologies in eye care and augmented reality (AR), and this infographic from Zenni Optical provides a great visual overview of several topics we’ve written about. In the next decade or so, AR and social media will become integrated into everyday eye wear, and eventually you may [...]

Social Media in the Eye Care Industry: OptometryStudents.com A few weeks ago, we discovered a great site called OptometryStudents.com. The site’s developers have not only created their own impressive social network, but have also creatively taken advantage of the major social platforms in order to deliver their message to their target audience.   We wanted [...]

The Contact Lens Refresh Card: An Innovative Eye Care Startup   UPDATE: Since the publishing of this post, the developers of the Refresh Card have ended their MedStartr campaign, as they are in negotiations with a number of strategic partners. This will allow them to bring the product to market faster than expected. All donations [...]

HealthTap Breaks New Ground in eHealth As healthcare continues to merge with the digital space, looking up medical information online as a patient has become increasingly confusing and unreliable. If you want real answers about specific drugs or conditions, you need to decipher the truth through pages of ads, conflicting blog posts and articles, and [...]