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QR Code Infographic   As part of our continued coverage of QR codes, we couldn’t help but drop this infographic on you. In an earlier post we told you about the creative ways marketers are using QR codes for the holiday season and we’ve previously covered some fun QR code facts. This infographic, created by [...]

A Very QR Code Christmas   With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s about that time when companies start rolling out their yule tide marketing efforts, and this year’s are sure to be more mobile-oriented than ever. As QR code usage in the US is on the rise (a 4,589% increase from 2010 [...]

QR Code Update: Marketing from Space   Last month we posted The Pulse #2, our monthly newsletter highlighting the convergence of social media and the eye care/medical fields. We told you all about QR codes and gave you some ideas on how to use them in your business or practice. Well, as is often the [...]

Welcome to The Pulse, Issue 2: QR Codes Welcome to The Pulse, an e-newsletter that finds the convergence between digital communication and the eye care industry and rounds it up into a monthly “How To” style FYI. Clearly you’ve already found the Noble Vision Group blog, a laid-back mélange of insider opinion, news updates, and [...]