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Old Habits Die Hard: Reevaluating Post-Op Visits   30 years ago when I started my practice, the norm in my community was to hold the patient in the hospital for 5 days.  Of course, then we were doing intracapsular extractions and using 13 sutures. I soon implemented 3-day post-op to the chagrin of the other [...]

Abraham Verghese: A Doctor’s Touch   In a previous post, we highlighted Daniel Kraft’s TED Talk about the future of medicine. Kraft spoke of exciting breakthroughs just around the corner, like computers that can diagnose illness through a simple scan, doctors performing robotic surgeries from remote locations, once-complicated medical tests being performed on smartphones, and [...]

Improving Efficiencies Improves Patient Care Dr. Jay McDonald Declining reimbursement and demands for greater patient care for less keep us all dancing around to find a better way to more efficiently care for our most valued resource:  the patient. Today I am going to discuss a technique we adopted several years ago when it was [...]