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Tommy Owens Eyewear: Handcrafted Eyewear for the Digital Age   With the emergence of companies like Shwood, SOLO Eyewear, and others, it’s no secret that handcrafted wood eyewear is a trend with some staying power. While the popular handmade look harkens back to the simpler days of low-tech skilled craftsmanship, a new eyewear brand combines [...]

Philanthropy Spotlight: Dr. Summy To For this Philanthropy Spotlight, we spoke to an OD in our home town of Portland, Oregon, Dr. Summy To of Myoptic Optometry and Modern Eyewear. She not only volunteers her time to provide eye care to the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO), but has found a way to incorporate [...]

Women in the Optical Industry For this year’s issue of Vision Monday’s “Most Influential Women in Optical,” they collaborated with the creatives at VisionWeb to produce this great infographic. There are some very interesting stats here illustrating how far women have come in the eye care industry. Other stats, however, remind us that there is [...]

An Interview with Dr. Alan Glazier, O.D. & Emarketing Specialist At the beginning of the month, we published a post about the Seeing is Believing Optometric Emarketing Virtual Conference, which takes place January 30-31, 2013. We were very intrigued by this concept, so we contacted the creator of the event, Dr. Alan Glazier, to learn more. [...]

Philanthropy Spotlight: 141 Eyewear At Noble Vision Group, we’re always on the lookout for companies within the eye care industry that are working towards the betterment of society. When those companies happen to be located in our beautiful city of Portland, Oregon, it’s all the better. Following in the footsteps of companies like TOMS, Portland-based [...]

National Children’s Vision and Learning Month As a lot of our readers may know, August is National Children’s Vision and Learning Month. This is an important topic that parents need to learn about, as 80% of learning is visual. Childhood vision problems often go overlooked, as most parents assume that the cursory vision screenings performed [...]

Seeing is Believing: A New Virtual Optometric Conference A brand new conference for the optometric market, called Seeing is Believing, is scheduled to take place from January 30-31, 2013. Unlike most trade shows, however, you won’t have to leave your office to attend. The event will “utilize an advanced virtual reality conferencing software” to showcase [...]

Tailored Displays Accommodate Vision Problems Without Glasses As technology continues to play an increasing role in our everyday lives, the overuse of electronic displays is taking a toll on many people’s eyesight. While tech companies have yet to come up with an electronic display that is less harmful to our eyes, researchers from the Federal [...]

Social Media in the Eye Care Industry: OptometryStudents.com A few weeks ago, we discovered a great site called OptometryStudents.com. The site’s developers have not only created their own impressive social network, but have also creatively taken advantage of the major social platforms in order to deliver their message to their target audience.   We wanted [...]

EyeDocApp – A Customized App for your Optometry Practice Does your practice have a personalized app yet? As smartphone ownership continues to rise in the US and throughout the world (the latest polls estimate that 35 percent of all American adults own a smartphone) it is becoming increasingly important to integrate mobile into your digital [...]