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Ramesh Raskar & The World’s Fastest Camera In this recently published TED Talk, MIT professor, Ramesh Raskar (also a developer of Eye Netra and Eye Catra, the smartphone eye exam and cataract detection devices) explains the technology behind the world’s fastest camera. The camera, developed at the MIT Media Lab, is able to capture light as [...]

Dr. Karpecki’s Dream Dry Eye Clinic   What instruments and tests are best for building a dry eye subspecialty clinic? If I could build my ‘dream’ dry eye clinic, these are some the instruments I’d want to have:  The TearLab Osmolarity Device:  It’s a test that takes about 5-10 seconds to measure the osmolarity of [...]

The Anatomy of Mobile Health   A recent Fast Company article by Adam Bluestein  has colorfully reinforced one of Noble Vision Group’s core convictions: Mobile Technology is Changing the Face of Healthcare. As healthcare costs continue to rise, tablet and smartphone apps are steadily entering the mainstream as appealing and less expensive alternatives to non-invasive procedures and [...]

Daniel Kraft Discusses the Future of Medicine   Today’s post highlights a fascinating TED Talk given by Daniel Kraft, titled “Medicine’s Future? There’s an App for That.” Kraft is a Stanford and Harvard-trained physician-scientist with over 20 years of experience in the medical industry. He currently serves as the curator of Singularity University’s FutureMed, a [...]