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The Formulation Station: Online Customization Hits the Supplement Industry   The nutritional supplement company, Alcrea Health, has just launched an innovative new site, ushering the supplement industry into the digital age. If you’re a healthcare professional with an idea for a nutritional supplement, but lack the resources to experiment, test, package, and brand it, Alcrea’s [...]

20 Creative Healthcare & Pharma Ads   We’re back with a second round of creative healthcare and pharma ads to give you some inspiration. Healthcare and pharma companies don’t usually produce the sexiest products, but that hasn’t stopped some talented designers from creating tons of clever and eye-catching ads for the industry. Check out our [...]

EyeDocApp – A Customized App for your Optometry Practice Does your practice have a personalized app yet? As smartphone ownership continues to rise in the US and throughout the world (the latest polls estimate that 35 percent of all American adults own a smartphone) it is becoming increasingly important to integrate mobile into your digital [...]

Par8o Aims to Reinvent the Referral Process   With so much new technology in the healthcare field like EMR systems, “quantified-self” gadgets, and online tools, it’s easy to get caught up in the fanfare without taking the time to truly examine the benefits and hindrances of each product. Daniel Palestrant, MD and Adam Sharp, MD, [...]

Who Says Healthcare Marketing has to be Boring? Seven Creative Healthcare Ads   Let’s face it: kids don’t say they want to develop anesthetic drops when they grow up, and despite the industry’s influence, average consumers do not find healthcare to be sexy or exciting. Why, then, should the relative marketing and advertising be any [...]

QR Code Infographic   As part of our continued coverage of QR codes, we couldn’t help but drop this infographic on you. In an earlier post we told you about the creative ways marketers are using QR codes for the holiday season and we’ve previously covered some fun QR code facts. This infographic, created by [...]

A Very QR Code Christmas   With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s about that time when companies start rolling out their yule tide marketing efforts, and this year’s are sure to be more mobile-oriented than ever. As QR code usage in the US is on the rise (a 4,589% increase from 2010 [...]

Rock Health: A Healthcare Startup Incubator   With the rise of mobile technology we have witnessed a good handful of outstanding  innovations in healthcare, a particularly noteworthy industry in which to progress.  Introducing new technology into the healthcare industry requires developers to wade through the thick and murky waters of FDA guidelines, insurance policies, legal impediments, regulatory [...]

Up & Coming Eyewear: The Story of Shwood   At Noble Vision Group we’re always on the lookout for innovative new companies and products in the eye care industry. It just so happens that Shwood, one of the most promising new eyewear manufacturers in the country, is located right here in our home state of [...]

Digital Pharma East   The 5th annual Digital Pharma East conference in Philadelphia wrapped up yesterday, concluding four days of workshops, presentations, discussions, and networking events featuring some of the top minds in pharmaceutical marketing. If you couldn’t make it to Digital Pharma East and you’re interested to see where pharma marketing is headed, the [...]