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The Grip Clip: A Useful Eyewear Accessory   Two graduating Stanford students have invented an eyewear accessory to address a common problem experienced by builders and artists the world over. Atticus Anderson and Blake Crowe have utilized their knowledge of mechanical engineering and product design to create the Grip Clip, “piece of soft plastic that [...]

Algorithms: A Documentary On Blind Chess Over the course of four years and more than 240 hours of footage, British filmmaker, Ian McDonald has put together the first feature length documentary on Blind Chess, titled Algorithms. The film documents the little know world of Blind Chess in India, following a group of talented young chess [...]

Tommy Owens Eyewear: Handcrafted Eyewear for the Digital Age   With the emergence of companies like Shwood, SOLO Eyewear, and others, it’s no secret that handcrafted wood eyewear is a trend with some staying power. While the popular handmade look harkens back to the simpler days of low-tech skilled craftsmanship, a new eyewear brand combines [...]

A New Documentary on Goalball, A Sport for the Visually Impaired A new documentary in production hopes to make the sport of goalball “the next worldwide craze.” The film follows several athletes playing for the New York Knights, exploring how the sport affects their lives. At this point, you may be asking yourself, “What’s goalball?” [...]

The Eyeboard: Affordable Eye Tracking Technology   Last week we featured Gaze Interaction software, which uses eye tracking technology to allow users to control computer interfaces with only their eyes. This kind of technology can be extremely beneficial to people with disabilities, allowing for easier communication and computer access. However, it can be expensive and it [...]

A New Type of Video Game for the Blind Creating a video game for the blind sounds like a very difficult task, as nearly every video game in existence involves visual onscreen environments. Rupinder Dhillon, a student at UC Santa Cruz, was up to the challenge with the development of her video game project, Rock [...]

Eye Care Kickstarts   In the eye care industry people are constantly coming up with new ideas to help those suffering from vision problems, but not all of those ideas come to fruition. In today’s economy it is especially difficult to get a new project off the ground, which is why thousands of artists, developers, [...]