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Top Reasons for Poor Premium IOL Outcomes and How to Remedy Them BLOG #8:  Managing the Dissatisfied Patient   Various studies show that up to 25% of patients will be unhappy in some way, either by complaining outright or just leaving the practice and seeking a second opinion.  The old adage of a happy patient [...]

#6 of 10: Top Reasons for Poor Premium IOL Outcomes and How to Remedy Them: Managing the Ocular Surface   Managing patient expectations, the preoperative evaluation, corneal astigmatism, posterior capsular opacification, and addressing cystoid macular edema are all critical in making the premium patient happy with a premium outcome.  However, ignoring the ocular surface, one [...]

#5 of 10: Top Reasons for Poor Premium IOL Outcomes and How to Remedy Them: Addressing Cystoid Macular Edema   The etiology of visual loss in cataract surgery can be multifactorial, including but not exclusive to ocular surface disease (dry eye, blepharitis, allergy, EBMD), astigmatism (regular, irregular, keratoconus, FFKC), pre-existing retinal pathology (ERM, AMD, diabetic [...]

Which Lens Do I Use in Delivering Spectacle Independence?   I recently had a fellow surgeon ask me to explain why I choose mono vision as my favored methodology of delivering spectacle independence.  I will try to summarize some of my thoughts about this: Rather than just saying “post operative spectacle independence is the result [...]

Tech Watch: The VIP-200 Pupillometer   Last week NeurOptics Inc., based out of Irvine, CA, released their latest ophthalmic gadget, the VIP (Vertex Invariant Pupillometry™)-200 Pupillometer. The new device is used to measure the pupils of patients “to enhance opportunities for successful outcomes for refractive surgery and premium intraocular lens candidates.” The portable, handheld, battery-operated [...]

#1 Dr. Johnny Gayton Educates and Entertains with a Stand Out Presentation For me the highlight of the meeting was a very insightful talk given by Dr. Johnny Gayton. He began by carefully outlining the key components of a successful Premium Cataract Surgery program – careful surgery; watching out for dry eye and how to treat [...]

OSN New York 2009 is turning out to be a very lively event so far, with over 350 attendees. This may be the largest attendance ever at OSN New York. Some are concerned that the easy availability of distance learning for CME credits might reduce average in-person attendance at meetings like this, but this meeting [...]