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20 Creative Healthcare & Pharma Ads   We’re back with a second round of creative healthcare and pharma ads to give you some inspiration. Healthcare and pharma companies don’t usually produce the sexiest products, but that hasn’t stopped some talented designers from creating tons of clever and eye-catching ads for the industry. Check out our [...]

HealthTap Breaks New Ground in eHealth As healthcare continues to merge with the digital space, looking up medical information online as a patient has become increasingly confusing and unreliable. If you want real answers about specific drugs or conditions, you need to decipher the truth through pages of ads, conflicting blog posts and articles, and [...]

Our Top 5 Pharma & Healthcare Marketing Blogs   As the healthcare industry continues to shift further into the digital space, it’s becoming increasingly important to stay up-to-date with the latest news in healthcare/pharma marketing. Online trends are constantly changing and evolving, so, to help you stay in tune with the swaying winds of healthcare [...]

Startup Elements From Rock Health In a previous post, we told you about Rock Health, the healthcare startup incubator. The competitive program accepts applicants with ideas for web or mobile-based healthcare startups, offering workshops, seminars, office space, mentorship, and $20,000 in grant money. If you’re working at a healthcare startup but don’t have the means [...]

Who Says Healthcare Marketing has to be Boring? Seven Creative Healthcare Ads   Let’s face it: kids don’t say they want to develop anesthetic drops when they grow up, and despite the industry’s influence, average consumers do not find healthcare to be sexy or exciting. Why, then, should the relative marketing and advertising be any [...]

The Portland Digital Marketing Conference   Last Monday we attended the fourth annual Portland Digital Marketing Conference, featuring some of the brightest and most creative thinkers in the industry. It’s important for those of us involved in e-marketing (whether that means working for a large firm or running social media for a small business), to [...]

Rock Health: A Healthcare Startup Incubator   With the rise of mobile technology we have witnessed a good handful of outstanding  innovations in healthcare, a particularly noteworthy industry in which to progress.  Introducing new technology into the healthcare industry requires developers to wade through the thick and murky waters of FDA guidelines, insurance policies, legal impediments, regulatory [...]