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Dr. Paul Koch takes a critical look at whether Femtosecond Lasers are all they’ve been hyped up to be. As many times as I have looked at femtosecond lasers for cataract surgery, I continue to wonder not so much what there place will be in our practices, but whether there will be a place. Cool [...]

Looking back at the AAO meeting, I saw a few very interesting things. The big buzz, not unexpectedly, was the initial kicking of the tires of the femtosecond laser systems for cataract surgery. OptiMedica seems to have jumped into the fray with both feet, as its system proved to get raves among the whispering on [...]

Chicago is a beautiful city, clean, vibrant and for the week of the annual American Academy of Ophthalmology meeting it was sunny and charming.  The meeting was complemented by a wide range of social activities, highest among them fine dining each evening. The food was magnificent and I had the excellent fortune of dining one [...]