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Eye Care Philanthropy Spotlight: The Joshua Project Joshua Goldenberg of Simi Valley, California was born blind with a rare condition called Bilateral Microphthalmia. Despite his visual impairment, Joshua has become an independent, inquisitive 8-year-old. He’s accomplished a lot for such a young age–he’s been on TV more than once, he’s met the Dallas Cowboys, and, [...]

How our Sight Works [Infographic] Our friends at Zenni Optical created this detailed infographic full of great information explaining the process through which our eyes turn light into sight. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments section below.   Presented By Zenni optical Prescription EyeglassesContact Noble Vision Group

Eye Technology Roundup Our gathering of the latest news in eye care and eye-related technology… EyeVerify We’ve all seen sci-fi or spy movies where someone enters an elaborate vault or underground lair by scanning their eye into a computer. A startup called EyeVerify wants to bring that futuristic technology to your smartphone. The technology identifies [...]

Fun Facts About Your Eyes This infographic, created by Sugarland Eye and Laser Center in Houston, illustrates some fun and interesting facts about our eyes. Click on the image to see a larger version.     Contact Noble Vision Group

Eyewear Gadgets & Accessories With today’s technology, designers can create just about any gadget imaginable. Open source technology and easy access to design software has allowed DIYers across to the world to create all kinds of programs, apps, and products—some of them are revolutionary while others are pretty useless. The same goes in the world [...]

Love Your Eyes – Facts & Tips for Healthy Eyes [Infographic] The people at Ultralase created this great infographic for the last World Sight Day. It has some interesting tips and facts on how your eyes work and how to maintain a pair of healthy eyes.   Contact Noble Vision Group

Guest Blog: Drivewear Sunglasses – The Benefits The following was written by David Schmidt, Jr., President of Brighton Optical in Buffalo, NY.   Drivewear sunglasses are designed to meet the needs of drivers. Unlike ordinary glasses or sunglasses, Drivewear sunglasses can adjust the amount of eye shading they provide according to the brightness of the [...]

Eye Care on Pinterest Although the healthcare industry has been somewhat slow to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon, there is no denying the meteoric rise of the relatively new social media platform. We perused through some eye care-related Pinterest boards and picked out some of our favorites for you. Local Eye Site Local Eye Site [...]

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you know that 3D is no longer the technology of the future; it’s the technology of right now. 3D movies have become commonplace and there is a slew of 3D TVs on the market. Nintendo has released a 3D handheld gaming system without [...]