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Dry Eye Sufferers Can Help Boost Starbucks’ Stock   Thanks to University of Tokyo researchers, morning coffee breath may be justified for the estimated 4 million dry eye sufferers over the age of 50 in the United States.  The study, available in the American Academy of Ophthalmology Journal, reports that all 78 participants in the [...]

Dry Eye Infographic Dry Eye is one of the most prevalent eye conditions in the world, affecting millions of people, with billions of dollars spent on treatment every year. We’ve been seeing a lot of infographics circulating around the web, so we thought we’d try our hand at creating our own about Dry Eye. Enjoy! [...]

Dr. Karpecki’s Dream Dry Eye Clinic   What instruments and tests are best for building a dry eye subspecialty clinic? If I could build my ‘dream’ dry eye clinic, these are some the instruments I’d want to have:  The TearLab Osmolarity Device:  It’s a test that takes about 5-10 seconds to measure the osmolarity of [...]

#6 of 10: Top Reasons for Poor Premium IOL Outcomes and How to Remedy Them: Managing the Ocular Surface   Managing patient expectations, the preoperative evaluation, corneal astigmatism, posterior capsular opacification, and addressing cystoid macular edema are all critical in making the premium patient happy with a premium outcome.  However, ignoring the ocular surface, one [...]

Dr. A.J. Contento on Punctal Occlusion: What to use, When to use it, and How to Bill   Dr. Contento Responds to Dr. Paul Karpecki’s Selected Targeted Treatments for Dry Eye   Punctal Occlusion: What to Use To elaborate on Dr. Karpecki’s post, Selected Targeted Treatments for Dry Eye, I would like to discuss punctal [...]

Selecting Targeted Treatments for Dry Eye   Research shows that artificial tears, although beneficial, appear to be palliative and there is no evidence that they can treat the inflammation in dry eye disease. Doctors that want to build this part of their medical practice need to employ the use of medications that target the disease. [...]

Jumping Through Hoops to Prescribe Restasis   We’re having a problem here in Rhode Island prescribing Restasis, especially for patients who have Blue Cross. Until about six months ago we had no problems prescribing Restasis for patients with inflammatory dry eye. Then Blue Cross introduced a new prescription benefit plan that allowed only generic medications, [...]

Evaluation of the Tearing Patient Evan H. Black, MD, FACS Last month we discussed the relationship between tearing and dry eye. Based on some questions and comments, I thought it would be a good idea to take things back a step and talk about the general evaluation of the tearing patient. Complaints of tearing problems [...]

Industry Blog Spotlight: Vision Service Plan  We’ve written before about the negative effects electronic screens can have on ocular health, as too much time spent starring at computers or mobile devices can lead to dry eyes, back and neck pain, blurred vision, difficulty focusing, and headaches. These symptoms are related to a condition known as [...]

Industry Blog Spotlight: Optical Vision Resources  Optical Vision Resources provided a succinct and timely summary of the Latest Research on Dry Eye, as was presented at the annual Association of Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) meeting. We all know how important it is to stay up to date with industry news and the latest research, [...]