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Jumping Through Hoops to Prescribe Restasis   We’re having a problem here in Rhode Island prescribing Restasis, especially for patients who have Blue Cross. Until about six months ago we had no problems prescribing Restasis for patients with inflammatory dry eye. Then Blue Cross introduced a new prescription benefit plan that allowed only generic medications, [...]

LASIK in the Military   While the Academy meeting is our fall meeting and attention is directed there, I want to give a plug to the ASCRS well in advance of their spring meeting. The ASCRS provided an unrestricted grant to Bob Watson and PEC, an excellent patient education company, to develop a short and [...]

Dr. Paul Koch takes a critical look at whether Femtosecond Lasers are all they’ve been hyped up to be. As many times as I have looked at femtosecond lasers for cataract surgery, I continue to wonder not so much what there place will be in our practices, but whether there will be a place. Cool [...]

This Northern Goshawk, a fierce bird of prey suffering from eye deterioration, struggled to see its own food, let alone catch its prey. Ken Abrams, DVM (Veterinary Ophthalmology Services) and Paul Koch, MD (Koch Eye Associates) treat the eyes with an ophthalmic laser and in 20 minutes have repaired the bird’s vision in both eyes. Contact Dr. Paul [...]

#1 Dr. Johnny Gayton Educates and Entertains with a Stand Out Presentation For me the highlight of the meeting was a very insightful talk given by Dr. Johnny Gayton. He began by carefully outlining the key components of a successful Premium Cataract Surgery program – careful surgery; watching out for dry eye and how to treat [...]

Note from Noble Vision Group, LLC: Noble Vision Group sadly announces today the passing of Dr. Jack Singer, M.D., who died at 55 years on Thursday, January 6th, in his home. Dr. Paul Koch, a close friend and colleague of Dr. Singer’s for many years, has written this week’s blog post in honor of Dr. Singer’s life [...]

Looking back at the AAO meeting, I saw a few very interesting things. The big buzz, not unexpectedly, was the initial kicking of the tires of the femtosecond laser systems for cataract surgery. OptiMedica seems to have jumped into the fray with both feet, as its system proved to get raves among the whispering on [...]

Here at the AAO meeting we’ve seen some pretty cool new products. After months of hope Fluramene is finally being offered by EyeSupply USA. I used a development iteration of this product and I loved it. It is a stable combination of fluorescein and lissimine, all in one drop. It is the easiest way I’ve [...]

I had an interesting patient in the office a few weeks ago. She was referred to me for potential cataract surgery because of visual symptoms including descriptions of poor quality of vision, generalized blur, and glare and halos during night driving. There was a small cataract, possibly enough to cause the problems, but perhaps not [...]

Early February brought the Caribbean Eye 2010 meeting, jointly sponsored by the American College of Eye Surgeons and the Society for Excellence in Eyecare. In the session on Specialty IOLs held on the first day, Mitch Jackson gave a wonderful presentation on Post Premium IOL Enhancement Options. His theme was trying to avoid the need [...]