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#5 of 10: Top Reasons for Poor Premium IOL Outcomes and How to Remedy Them: Addressing Cystoid Macular Edema   The etiology of visual loss in cataract surgery can be multifactorial, including but not exclusive to ocular surface disease (dry eye, blepharitis, allergy, EBMD), astigmatism (regular, irregular, keratoconus, FFKC), pre-existing retinal pathology (ERM, AMD, diabetic [...]

#4 of 10: Top Reasons for Poor Premium IOL Outcomes and How to Remedy Them:  Managing Posterior Capsular Opacification   Despite the advances in IOL technology, standard or premium; monofocal, accommodating or multifocal; MICS or dual-optic; square-edge or not; posterior capsular opacification still occurs and can be quite menacing to the visual outcome. This is [...]

BLOG #1/10: MANAGING PATIENT EXPECTATIONS Minimize Confusion At the preop level, minimize premium IOL choices as patient confusion may deter surgery altogether.  No US FDA-  approved presbyopia IOL addresses astigmatism yet and dependent on your patient counseling a toric IOL upgrade  might be a better option. Consider Lifestyle Find out the wants and needs of [...]

Well, hail to Dr. Paul Koch for his kind comments from Carribean Eye.  Just to reiterate my new implementation of Fluramene in my diagnostic armamentarium for ocular surface disease has been a real time-saver.  At the recent Winter Advanced Refractive Symposium in Park City, Utah, ocular surface disease management was a big topic especially in [...]