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Algorithms: A Documentary On Blind Chess Over the course of four years and more than 240 hours of footage, British filmmaker, Ian McDonald has put together the first feature length documentary on Blind Chess, titled Algorithms. The film documents the little know world of Blind Chess in India, following a group of talented young chess [...]

Looking at the Stars: A Documentary About a Ballet School for the Blind 16 years ago, when ballet student Fernanda Bianchini was just 15 years old, she received an invitation from one of the nuns at Padre Chico Institute for the Blind in São Paulo, Brazil to teach a group of visually impaired girls how [...]

Beyond Sight: A New Film Tells the Story of a Blind Surfer   For those of us unfamiliar with surfing, Pipeline is a surfing spot on Oahu’s North Shore known for its beautiful blue-green waves that provide surfers with the perfect barrel. It’s also one of the most dangerous surfing reefs, having claimed more lives [...]

LASIK on the Frontlines – Update A few months back, Dr. Paul Koch wrote a blog post regarding an upcoming documentary about the use of LASIK surgery in the United States military, titled LASIK on the Frontlines. Since that blog post was published, PEC, the patient education company that produced the film, has begun selling [...]

Heavenly Sight: A Vision Out of Blindness   Throughout African American history there has been a plethora of talented and influential blind musicians. Author Lee Breuer states that “There is a general total world historical connection between blindness and mystical insight… The clearest representation of that of course in the United States is the black [...]

Visions of Mustang – Bringing Sight to the Forbidden Kingdom   As we have written about in the past regarding the Himalayan Cataract Project, the Himalayan region accounts for the highest prevalence of cataract blindness on earth. It is not fully understood why this is, but studies suggest that it is a combination of high [...]

LASIK in the Military   While the Academy meeting is our fall meeting and attention is directed there, I want to give a plug to the ASCRS well in advance of their spring meeting. The ASCRS provided an unrestricted grant to Bob Watson and PEC, an excellent patient education company, to develop a short and [...]