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Eye Care Philanthropy Spotlight: The Joshua Project Joshua Goldenberg of Simi Valley, California was born blind with a rare condition called Bilateral Microphthalmia. Despite his visual impairment, Joshua has become an independent, inquisitive 8-year-old. He’s accomplished a lot for such a young age–he’s been on TV more than once, he’s met the Dallas Cowboys, and, [...]

Eye Care and the NFL The Denver Broncos’ second year linebacker out of Texas A&M is an emerging star in the NFL and an aficionado of both celebratory dances and eyewear. Following in the footsteps of Ickey Woods, Deion Sanders, Terrell Owens, and Chad Johnson/Ochocinco, Miller is poised to become the NFL’s next dancing sensation. [...]

Medicine Man: The Stan Brock Story Last month we highlighted Remote Area Medical (RAM) and the organization’s great work providing free healthcare to those in need around the world. The group’s founder, Stan Brock was also kind enough to provide us with a guest post outlining some of the legal challenges RAM faces when attempting [...]

Philanthropy Spotlight: Dr. Summy To For this Philanthropy Spotlight, we spoke to an OD in our home town of Portland, Oregon, Dr. Summy To of Myoptic Optometry and Modern Eyewear. She not only volunteers her time to provide eye care to the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO), but has found a way to incorporate [...]

A Guest Post from the Founder of Remote Area Medical Last week we published a post about a new film that highlights the volunteer healthcare work of Remote Area Medical (RAM). We contacted Stan Brock, the organization’s founder and Director of Operations, and he was kind enough to provide us with a guest post. Stan, [...]

Philanthropy Spotlight: Remote Area Medical   It’s no secret that access to healthcare is a major issue for many people in this country. With nearly 50 million Americans uninsured, seeing a doctor is often out of the question for a large portion of the country. Regardless of where you stand on the issue of healthcare [...]

141 Eyewear: An Interview with the Co-Founder   We recently had the chance to interview, Shu-Chu Yamaguchi, half of the husband and wife duo behind the charitable eyewear company, 141 Eyewear. As we mentioned in a post last week, the Yamaguchis have built 141 around the concept of donating one pair of eyeglasses to someone [...]

Philanthropy Spotlight: 141 Eyewear At Noble Vision Group, we’re always on the lookout for companies within the eye care industry that are working towards the betterment of society. When those companies happen to be located in our beautiful city of Portland, Oregon, it’s all the better. Following in the footsteps of companies like TOMS, Portland-based [...]

Social Media in the Eye Care Industry: SOLO Eyewear In this edition of our blog series, “Social Media in the Eye Care Industry,” Sam Afetian, the Social Media Manager at SOLO Eyewear, answers some of our questions. A few months back we featured SOLO Eyewear in a blog post highlighting its unique and inspiring mission [...]

LIGHT FOR THE WORLD at the ASCRS Annual Meeting Last weekend we took a trip to Chicago for the ASCRS Annual Meeting. It was great to walk the showroom floor and see so many companies, new and old, presenting their latest technology and ideas in interactive ways. Gabriel Müller, Head of Communications at LIGHT FOR [...]