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Selecting Targeted Treatments for Dry Eye   Research shows that artificial tears, although beneficial, appear to be palliative and there is no evidence that they can treat the inflammation in dry eye disease. Doctors that want to build this part of their medical practice need to employ the use of medications that target the disease. [...]

A 48-year-old male was referred to the clinic with chronic photophobia, redness and pain.  His best-corrected vision was 20/40 OD and 20/200 OS!  His cornea showed grade 3+ staining OS >OD, he had grade 3+ injection and chemosis, but there was no discharge and the anterior chamber was deep and quiet.  Fundus examination had always [...]

I once told a class of 1,000 colleagues that lissamine green solution had “changed my life”.  To me, the brilliance of lissamine in solution was far superior to the stain I could achieve with a lissamine strip. Pathology of the ocular surface was easily identifiable and demonstrable to the patient via imaging.  Once satisfied with [...]