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3D Printing is the Technology of the Future   Now that the new year is officially here, all kinds of media outlets have been releasing lists of what to look out for in 2012. Technologists say that the coming year will give us the emergence of space tourism, better mobile technology, more augmented reality, advanced [...]

The World’s First 3D Performance Eye Clinic   We’ve written a lot about 3D technology, documenting its evolution from cheesy 80’s movie gimmick all the way to legitimate operating room tool. With the growing popularity of this technology, there have been many claims that viewing 3D entertainment may be detrimental to ocular health. While these [...]

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you know that 3D is no longer the technology of the future; it’s the technology of right now. 3D movies have become commonplace and there is a slew of 3D TVs on the market. Nintendo has released a 3D handheld gaming system without [...]