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3D Printing: Creating Your Own Medicine We always love to hear about the latest developments in 3D printing. Whether the technology is printing consumer goods, food, or body parts, 3D printing will change the world in the coming decades. In one of the latest TED Talks to be released online, Lee Cronin, a professor of [...]

Dr. Peter Diamandis Discusses the Upcoming Innovation Explosion   In his presentation from TEDMED 2011, Dr. Peter Diamandis discussed what he believes will be an explosion of healthcare innovation in the near future. Just as the planet currently has an “information abundance” via the internet, Diamandis believes we will soon have a “healthcare abundance,” where [...]

Gabor Forgacs on Bio-Printed “Lab Meat”   In previous posts we’ve covered the topic of 3D printing and its future impact on both the healthcare and consumer industries. The latest video released from TEDMED 2011 is a presentation from physicist, bioengineer, and entrepreneur, Gabor Forgacs, which highlights new breakthroughs in this rapidly growing technology. Forgacs explains [...]

3D Printing is the Technology of the Future   Now that the new year is officially here, all kinds of media outlets have been releasing lists of what to look out for in 2012. Technologists say that the coming year will give us the emergence of space tourism, better mobile technology, more augmented reality, advanced [...]