Social Media in the Eye Care Industry:
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Social Media in the Eye Care Industry:

A few weeks ago, we discovered a great site called The site’s developers have not only created their own impressive social network, but have also creatively taken advantage of the major social platforms in order to deliver their message to their target audience.
We wanted to find out more about how the site works and how it has utilized social media, so we contacted’s Content Coordinator, Antonio Chirumbolo. He was nice enough to provide a guest blog post for us… was created in 2009 by SUNY optometry student, Matthew Geller. Three years later, the website has grown dramatically to include a core leadership team comprised of several students who all have a common goal: to allow students to become more involved and passionate about optometry and to help move the profession forward.

The website has recently undergone a massive re-design. With the new version, any student can log on, create a profile, and immediately start posting content to the website. With the ability to create profiles and a unique identity, students can better identify themselves and their own special interests while becoming part of a larger community.

The Mission

The goal of the is to give students the power to move optometry in a positive direction and to draw attention to the major developments and challenges that impact our profession. We believe that students create the future of optometry and we have worked hard to provide students with a home to voice their opinions. Whether they are passionate about a certain clinical subject or just want to post their opinion on an event, with the new OS, students can write, post and publish their optometry passions.

How it Works

The new OS is based on a user-centric system; that means everything is focused on the individual student. Now, if you log on to read an article you will know immediately who wrote it and where they stand in the profession of optometry.

Leader boards are a big feature of the new site. We rank content, schools and writers using our “recommend” button. This allows us to see which schools are writing the most articles, which articles are most popular and which students are publishing the most articles.

The Benefits

Lastly, we want students to understand that posting on OS is a great way to get recognized in our small profession and to make connections with practicing ODs and other optometry students! Students should really get involved in their profession and build their professional skills.

Being involved is an amazing way to achieve this. Anyone can join the team. We will hold monthly conference calls and webinars that will allow students to stay involved with the development of the website and to really have an impact on our profession.

Getting the Word Out

OS has utilized various forms of social media in order to market itself to all pre-optometry and current optometry students throughout the country. By utlizing Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and other traditional forms of marketing like word of mouth, has been able to really strengthen its numbers and user base.

Youtube has proven to be a useful aid in marketing through monthly video interviews with influential figures in the profession. Facebook and Twitter have allowed OS to host and promote various contests, communicate exciting news, and alert our user base of new website advances. Combined with monthly email blasts and newsletters, has really made the best use of social media to grow as a community and an incredible resource.

Word of mouth certainly cannot be discounted, as has benefited greatly from optometric institutions and organizations like the AOA and AOSA, promoting and educating our professional community on the great utility and impact OS can truly have on pre-optometry and optometry students everywhere.

Social media is a great way to promote your online brand, but really it goes hand in hand with content. is the leader of the pack when it comes to content about life in optometry school. We strive very hard to bring value based content because at the end of the day our goal is to get students more involved in their profession.

Make sure you check out the website to see the valuable and unique articles that optometry students are posting about their wonderful profession.


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