Adlens’ Revolutionary Adjustable Glasses

Noble Vision GroupAdlens’ Revolutionary Adjustable Glasses


Approximately 1.3 billion people on the planet could benefit from eyeglasses, but many lack the access and capital required to own a pair. In Sub-Saharan Africa, 95% of those who need glasses do not own them, and there is only one optometrist for every one million people. Vision correction can improve income, education, safety and general quality of life.

Up until recently it has been extremely difficult  and costly to provide vision correction in developing countries. The UK-based company, Adlens, however, has developed an inexpensive solution that could improve the lives of millions of people and revolutionize global vision care.

Adlens has released two models of adjustable glasses using adaptive lens technology with the ability to easily correct up to 85% of refractive errors. Their P.O.V. model, designed for everyday use, uses fluid-filled lens technology, allowing users to adjust the lenses by shifting fluid in or out through detachable dials on the sides of the frame. The Emergensee model, designed for emergency situations, uses Alvarez technology with adjustable moving parts within each lens.

Adlens has teamed up with Vision for a Nation with their mission in Rwanda to “screen the vision of all people aged 8 years and above and provide eyeglasses to those who need them within five years.” Since Vision for a Nation started their mission in 2009, they have distributed over 11,000 adjustable eyeglasses. Over the next few years the organization plans to establish health centers with access to vision correction throughout the country, covering all of Rwanda by 2015.

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