LIGHT FOR THE WORLD at the ASCRS Annual Meeting

Noble Vision GroupLIGHT FOR THE WORLD at the ASCRS Annual Meeting

Last weekend we took a trip to Chicago for the ASCRS Annual Meeting. It was great to walk the showroom floor and see so many companies, new and old, presenting their latest technology and ideas in interactive ways.

Gabriel Müller, Head of Communications at LIGHT FOR THE WORLD

However, amid the expensive displays vying for attention from passersby, it was refreshing to see someone offering information about charitable efforts. As I strolled past the Croma Pharmaceuticals display, a LIGHT FOR THE WORLD poster caught my eye.

I introduced myself to the organization’s Head of Communications and he explained its mission. With donations of money and equipment from individuals and companies like Croma, LIGHT FOR THE WORLD teams up with other NGOs to save the eyesight, improve the quality of life, and advocate for the rights of people with disabilities in impoverished nations across the globe.

Mainly working in Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Mozambique, South Sudan, Northeast India, Pakistan, and Bolivia, LIGHT FOR THE WORLD has been involved in blindness prevention programs and human resource development for eye care professionals for over 20 years, striving to achieve the goals of VISION 2020. In 2011, LIGHT FOR THE WORLD’s programs reached over one million people and more than 40,000 cataract surgeries were performed.

The organization takes a far-reaching approach to its charitable efforts. It does not simply perform eye care procedures, but also supports programs promoting education, blindness prevention, community-based rehabilitation, and training of future eye care workers, creating a sustainable effort to help end the cycle of poverty and disability.

While the ASCRS Annual Meeting is a great place for companies to showcase the latest technology in the eye care field, among the flashy displays, it is easy to forget that so many people in need do not have access to that technology. At conventions like these, where sales and promotion take center stage, it is nice to have representatives from organizations like LIGHT FOR THE WORLD reminding us that there are more important things in life.

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  1. Apr 30, 2012
    12:09 pm

    Gabriel MuellerNo Gravatar

    Thank you Jon, it was really a great opportunity and experience at ASCRS in Chicago to talk to mor than 150 highly committed ophthalmologists and to discuss all important issues to build up and fullfill strong and sustainable structures for eye care in developing countries like South Sudan, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso and Mozambique. Let´s help our project partners and people in sub Sahara Africa to help themselves! And CROMA is our platin sponsor producing high quality pharmaceutical products especially for our humanitarian projects in the underpriviledged areas of our world – that is fantastic!
    best regards,
    Gabriel Mueller – LIGHT FOR THE WORLD
    +43 676 950 42 04

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