Cataract Infographic: The World’s Leading Cause of Blindness

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Cataract Infographic: The World’s Leading Cause of Blindness

Like our Dry Eye Infographic from a couple months back, we created this Cataract Infographic to visually illustrate the prevalence of cataracts both globally and within the United States.

We feel that it’s important for people to understand how much of the population is affected by this condition. While cataracts, if detected early, rarely lead to blindness in the US, millions of people in developing countries develop cataracts and do not have access to the appropriate treatment, making cataracts the world’s leading cause of blindness.

If you want to help save the sight of those affected by cataracts in the developing world, you can donate to charitable organizations like the Himalayan Cataract Project, LIGHT FOR THE WORLD, or a number of other blindness prevention programs.

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Cataract Infographic

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