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What is eHealth? [Video] We came across this great infographic-style animated video from the people at eHealth Industries Innovation Centre (ehi²) in Wales and we thought we’d share it with you. It’s well-designed and informative–just one example of some of the amazing work they do at ehi² to move healthcare into the future.       [...]

Sandeep Kishore at TEDMED 2012 – “The Causes of the Causes” Sandeep Kishore, a post-doctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School and co-chair of the Young Professionals Chronic Disease Network, spoke at TEMED 2012 about the importance of understanding the socioeconomic causes of disease and illness. He argues that public health and medical education have been [...]

LASIK on the Frontlines – Update A few months back, Dr. Paul Koch wrote a blog post regarding an upcoming documentary about the use of LASIK surgery in the United States military, titled LASIK on the Frontlines. Since that blog post was published, PEC, the patient education company that produced the film, has begun selling [...]

Heavenly Sight: A Vision Out of Blindness   Throughout African American history there has been a plethora of talented and influential blind musicians. Author Lee Breuer states that “There is a general total world historical connection between blindness and mystical insight… The clearest representation of that of course in the United States is the black [...]

A Tour of ORBIS International’s Flying Eye Hospital   In the 1970s, Dr. David Paton, head of the ophthalmology department at Baylor College of Medicine, wanted to do something about the poor state of vision care and ophthalmic education in the developing world. He came up with the idea of the Flying Eye Hospital—an airplane fully [...]

Soccer for the Visually Impaired: “The Sound of Football”   If a team of visually impaired soccer players were to go head to head against a team of former professional players, who do you think would win? Conventional wisdom points to the ex-pros as the victors, but thanks to the latest in 3D sound and [...]

Daniel Kraft Discusses the Future of Medicine   Today’s post highlights a fascinating TED Talk given by Daniel Kraft, titled “Medicine’s Future? There’s an App for That.” Kraft is a Stanford and Harvard-trained physician-scientist with over 20 years of experience in the medical industry. He currently serves as the curator of Singularity University’s FutureMed, a [...]

This Northern Goshawk, a fierce bird of prey suffering from eye deterioration, struggled to see its own food, let alone catch its prey. Ken Abrams, DVM (Veterinary Ophthalmology Services) and Paul Koch, MD (Koch Eye Associates) treat the eyes with an ophthalmic laser and in 20 minutes have repaired the bird’s vision in both eyes. Contact Dr. Paul [...]