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Social Media in the Eye Care Industry: SOLO Eyewear In this edition of our blog series, “Social Media in the Eye Care Industry,” Sam Afetian, the Social Media Manager at SOLO Eyewear, answers some of our questions. A few months back we featured SOLO Eyewear in a blog post highlighting its unique and inspiring mission [...]

Medical Practice Marketing – Demandforce Offers All-In-One Software There is no question that marketing in general has drastically changed since the dawn of the Web 2.0 era less than a decade ago, and medical practice marketing is no exception. Patient communication is no longer as simple as a phone call or a postcard for upcoming [...]

LinkedIn for Healthcare Professionals As more and more physicians and healthcare organizations jump onboard the social media bandwagon, LinkedIn is a social network that has been somewhat overlooked by healthcare professionals until recently. LinkedIn is one of the original social networks—launched in 2003, it predates its social media brethren, but hasn’t seen the same kind [...]

Who Says Healthcare Marketing has to be Boring? Seven Creative Healthcare Ads   Let’s face it: kids don’t say they want to develop anesthetic drops when they grow up, and despite the industry’s influence, average consumers do not find healthcare to be sexy or exciting. Why, then, should the relative marketing and advertising be any [...]

The Portland Digital Marketing Conference   Last Monday we attended the fourth annual Portland Digital Marketing Conference, featuring some of the brightest and most creative thinkers in the industry. It’s important for those of us involved in e-marketing (whether that means working for a large firm or running social media for a small business), to [...]

QR Code Infographic   As part of our continued coverage of QR codes, we couldn’t help but drop this infographic on you. In an earlier post we told you about the creative ways marketers are using QR codes for the holiday season and we’ve previously covered some fun QR code facts. This infographic, created by [...]

A Very QR Code Christmas   With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s about that time when companies start rolling out their yule tide marketing efforts, and this year’s are sure to be more mobile-oriented than ever. As QR code usage in the US is on the rise (a 4,589% increase from 2010 [...]

Rock Health: A Healthcare Startup Incubator   With the rise of mobile technology we have witnessed a good handful of outstanding  innovations in healthcare, a particularly noteworthy industry in which to progress.  Introducing new technology into the healthcare industry requires developers to wade through the thick and murky waters of FDA guidelines, insurance policies, legal impediments, regulatory [...]

Philanthropy Spotlight: Social Giving Part 2   In our last Philanthropy Spotlight, we told you about Causes’ efforts to utilize the power of social media to make giving to charity easier and more personal. While Causes delivers an effective way to get people involved in charity, the site OpenIDEO offers a collaborative platform for people [...]

Philanthropy Spotlight: Social Giving Part 1   As we’ve highlighted in previous posts, there are many charitable organizations within the eye care industry doing their part to better the lives of those suffering from visual impairment and ocular disease all around the globe. While the organizations we’ve covered have been doing most of their work [...]