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My Observership in India (Part 2): Pediatrics Our guest blogger and new Industry Relations Associate, Ashruti Hajari, continues with Part 2 of her experience volunteering in an observership program at a government hospital in Western India. Click here to read Part 1. Week 2: Pediatrics  My second week was spent in the pediatrics department. In [...]

My Observership in India: The Experience of a Lifetime (Part 1) This guest post is written by our new Industry Relations Associate, Ashruti Hajari. She shares her experience of what it was like volunteering in an observership program at a hospital in Western India last summer. I never imagined that before medical school, I would have [...]

Microscopes Enter the Mobile Age   It may seem long overdue, but the microscope has officially entered the mobile age. Two young developers have designed the Skylight, which connects any camera-equipped smartphone to virtually any microscope. The lightweight plastic device clamps onto a microscope while a smartphone is held in place with its camera lens [...]

A Tour of ORBIS International’s Flying Eye Hospital   In the 1970s, Dr. David Paton, head of the ophthalmology department at Baylor College of Medicine, wanted to do something about the poor state of vision care and ophthalmic education in the developing world. He came up with the idea of the Flying Eye Hospital—an airplane fully [...]

Adlens’ Revolutionary Adjustable Glasses   Approximately 1.3 billion people on the planet could benefit from eyeglasses, but many lack the access and capital required to own a pair. In Sub-Saharan Africa, 95% of those who need glasses do not own them, and there is only one optometrist for every one million people. Vision correction can [...]

Jumping Through Hoops to Prescribe Restasis   We’re having a problem here in Rhode Island prescribing Restasis, especially for patients who have Blue Cross. Until about six months ago we had no problems prescribing Restasis for patients with inflammatory dry eye. Then Blue Cross introduced a new prescription benefit plan that allowed only generic medications, [...]

Selling Your Medical Practice   Recently I sold our entire practice, the surgery center, and the laser centers to a private equity firm.  I know there are a lot of surgeons who are like me: about 60 years old and wondering what they are going to do with their practices. Here’s what we did: A [...]

LASIK in the Military   While the Academy meeting is our fall meeting and attention is directed there, I want to give a plug to the ASCRS well in advance of their spring meeting. The ASCRS provided an unrestricted grant to Bob Watson and PEC, an excellent patient education company, to develop a short and [...]

#4 of 10: Top Reasons for Poor Premium IOL Outcomes and How to Remedy Them:  Managing Posterior Capsular Opacification   Despite the advances in IOL technology, standard or premium; monofocal, accommodating or multifocal; MICS or dual-optic; square-edge or not; posterior capsular opacification still occurs and can be quite menacing to the visual outcome. This is [...]

The World’s First 3D Performance Eye Clinic   We’ve written a lot about 3D technology, documenting its evolution from cheesy 80’s movie gimmick all the way to legitimate operating room tool. With the growing popularity of this technology, there have been many claims that viewing 3D entertainment may be detrimental to ocular health. While these [...]