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Digital Eye Strain: The Impact of Electronic Devices on Vision   A guest post from Vance Hobbes – Vance Hobbes is a freelance writer and former medical researcher. He writes about many facets of the medical field and works with CompHealth. When he’s not writing the day away, he spends his free time tending to [...]

An Interview with Dr. Alan Glazier, O.D. & Emarketing Specialist At the beginning of the month, we published a post about the Seeing is Believing Optometric Emarketing Virtual Conference, which takes place January 30-31, 2013. We were very intrigued by this concept, so we contacted the creator of the event, Dr. Alan Glazier, to learn more. [...]

141 Eyewear: An Interview with the Co-Founder   We recently had the chance to interview, Shu-Chu Yamaguchi, half of the husband and wife duo behind the charitable eyewear company, 141 Eyewear. As we mentioned in a post last week, the Yamaguchis have built 141 around the concept of donating one pair of eyeglasses to someone [...]

Philanthropy Spotlight: 141 Eyewear At Noble Vision Group, we’re always on the lookout for companies within the eye care industry that are working towards the betterment of society. When those companies happen to be located in our beautiful city of Portland, Oregon, it’s all the better. Following in the footsteps of companies like TOMS, Portland-based [...]

National Children’s Vision and Learning Month As a lot of our readers may know, August is National Children’s Vision and Learning Month. This is an important topic that parents need to learn about, as 80% of learning is visual. Childhood vision problems often go overlooked, as most parents assume that the cursory vision screenings performed [...]

Social Media in the Eye Care Industry: A few weeks ago, we discovered a great site called The site’s developers have not only created their own impressive social network, but have also creatively taken advantage of the major social platforms in order to deliver their message to their target audience.   We wanted [...]

What contact lenses do I need to consider for my Ocular Surface Disease Clinic? Don’t forget to also treat the ocular surface disease with appropriate therapeutic medications, but also there are a few unique lenses that appear to show benefits for dry eye patients.   Daily Disposable Lenses: The idea of a daily wear lens [...]

Eye Injury Facts, Myths & Prevention Tips [Infographic]   We thought we’d share this great eye injury infographic with you from the people at If you want to learn more about eye injuries, check out our post on notable eye injuries in professional sports.    Contact Noble Vision Group

Not everyone was born to perform surgery on the eyes… For those of you who had the pleasure *cough* of viewing our Twit Pics over the past few weeks, you have probably noticed the theme: Gross pictures of eyes. For your viewing pleasure, we will now proudly archive these repulsive gems on the Freaky Friday [...]

Microscopes Enter the Mobile Age   It may seem long overdue, but the microscope has officially entered the mobile age. Two young developers have designed the Skylight, which connects any camera-equipped smartphone to virtually any microscope. The lightweight plastic device clamps onto a microscope while a smartphone is held in place with its camera lens [...]