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Algorithms: A Documentary On Blind Chess Over the course of four years and more than 240 hours of footage, British filmmaker, Ian McDonald has put together the first feature length documentary on Blind Chess, titled Algorithms. The film documents the little know world of Blind Chess in India, following a group of talented young chess [...]

Looking at the Stars: A Documentary About a Ballet School for the Blind 16 years ago, when ballet student Fernanda Bianchini was just 15 years old, she received an invitation from one of the nuns at Padre Chico Institute for the Blind in São Paulo, Brazil to teach a group of visually impaired girls how [...]

Beyond Sight: A New Film Tells the Story of a Blind Surfer   For those of us unfamiliar with surfing, Pipeline is a surfing spot on Oahu’s North Shore known for its beautiful blue-green waves that provide surfers with the perfect barrel. It’s also one of the most dangerous surfing reefs, having claimed more lives [...]

Medicine Man: The Stan Brock Story Last month we highlighted Remote Area Medical (RAM) and the organization’s great work providing free healthcare to those in need around the world. The group’s founder, Stan Brock was also kind enough to provide us with a guest post outlining some of the legal challenges RAM faces when attempting [...]

Kent Larson: The City of the Future Ok, so this TED Talk isn’t directly related to healthcare or eye care, but it’s pretty fascinating and worth sharing nonetheless. In the latest presentation from TEDx Boston to hit Youtube, Kent Larson, the director of the MIT House_n research consortium and director of the MIT Media Lab’s [...]

A Guest Post from the Founder of Remote Area Medical Last week we published a post about a new film that highlights the volunteer healthcare work of Remote Area Medical (RAM). We contacted Stan Brock, the organization’s founder and Director of Operations, and he was kind enough to provide us with a guest post. Stan, [...]

Philanthropy Spotlight: Remote Area Medical   It’s no secret that access to healthcare is a major issue for many people in this country. With nearly 50 million Americans uninsured, seeing a doctor is often out of the question for a large portion of the country. Regardless of where you stand on the issue of healthcare [...]

A New Documentary on Goalball, A Sport for the Visually Impaired A new documentary in production hopes to make the sport of goalball “the next worldwide craze.” The film follows several athletes playing for the New York Knights, exploring how the sport affects their lives. At this point, you may be asking yourself, “What’s goalball?” [...]

LIGHT FOR THE WORLD at the ASCRS Annual Meeting Last weekend we took a trip to Chicago for the ASCRS Annual Meeting. It was great to walk the showroom floor and see so many companies, new and old, presenting their latest technology and ideas in interactive ways. Gabriel Müller, Head of Communications at LIGHT FOR [...]

SOLO Eyewear – A Mission to Prevent Blindness   80 percent of the world’s blindness is preventable. If you’re involved in the eye care field, this is a stat you have probably heard before. Approximately 39 million people around the globe are blind due to preventable diseases or conditions like cataract, trachoma, glaucoma, onchocerciasis (river [...]