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Industry Blog Spotlight: Tamoxifen & Your Eyes   Today’s Industry Blog Spotlight comes from Dr. Russell Beach at Clearview Eye Care in Virginia Beach, VA. As part of his “Medication Review” blog series, Dr. Beach examines the eye-related side effects of the common breast cancer treatment drug, Tamoxifen. The drug has been used to treat [...]

Industry Blog Spotlight: Gordy Eye Care While searching for one of this week’s Industry Blog Spotlights, we came across this post from Gordy Eye Care covering a story about nutrition to support ocular health.  We all know that carrots are supposed to be good for our eyes, but what other foods can we include in [...]

Industry Blog Spotlight: Clearview Eye Care Two eye care buzz topics at Noble Vision Group are ocular surface disease and dry eye syndrome. Our partners have developed a number of products to combat these prevalent eye problems, and we are always interested in learning more about their causes. It is widely believed that the increase in [...]