Noble Vision GroupMore Apps for Eye Care

In the world of eHealth, there are always updates and new products launching, which is why we’re giving you a second round of Apps for Eye Care. These are some of the most popular apps in the eye care field, but if you’ve used some lesser-known apps that you think should be included here, let us know in the comments section below.

Update: Thanks to a comment from Amy Davis of VisionSource, we’ve added another great app to the list:

EyeXam (Free, iOS) Developed by Global EyeVentures, LLC, EyeXam is a helpful tool for eye doctors to recommend to their patients. It features a number of vision tests, including those for astigmatism, visual acuity, color, eye alignment, and more. Should any of those tests reveal a visual problem, there is a handy doctor finder that allows users to enter their zip code in order to find the nearest eye care professional, complete with descriptions, reviews, special offers, and appointment scheduling.


Eye Handbook

Eye Handbook App (Free, iOS, Android) – Available for the iPad, iPhone, and any Android device, the Eye Handbook App is the all-in-one, comprehensive, must-have app for any ophthalmologist. It’s free to download with lots of in-app media available for purchase. The robust app comes with various sections for patient education videos, ICD-9 codes, AAO resources, drug references, vision testing, visual acuity and risk calculators, and much more.

Optics Clinical Calculator ($4.99, iOS) – This app makes common optical calculations extremely easy with its intuitive system. The app features several calculators, including base curve, convergence, ocular curve, vertex distance, and more.


Cornea Atlas (Free, iOS) – The free app, developed by the Ophthalmology Department of the Universidade Federal de São Paulo, contains images of 108 corneal diseases classified into 16 categories, which can easily be sent to colleagues via email or text message

Atlas of Ophthalmology (Free, iOS) – If the Cornea Atlas isn’t enough for you, the Atlas of Ophthalmology functions in a similar way, providing clinical images of nearly every ocular disease with more than 6,000 diagnoses and images available. The app is free to download, but you must purchase a subscription to view all the content and receive future upgrades.

TryLive Eyewear – Ok, so this isn’t the most practical app and it takes a little more to integrate it into your business than just going to the App Store, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless. This augmented reality app is great for selling eyeglasses online or even as a fun in-store gimmick. Customers can use the camera on their computer or mobile device to virtually try on hundreds of glasses. Once your face is lined up correctly in the camera, the AR system uses facial tracking technology to virtually place the glasses on your face. Total Immersion, the makers of TryLive Eyewear, are leading the way in ecommerce AR technology and we are sure to see much more of these apps  in the very near future.

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Noble Vision GroupPhilanthropy Spotlight: Remote Area Medical


It’s no secret that access to healthcare is a major issue for many people in this country. With nearly 50 million Americans uninsured, seeing a doctor is often out of the question for a large portion of the country. Regardless of where you stand on the issue of healthcare reform, it’s important that the poor and uninsured are not forgotten.

The volunteers at an organization called Remote Area Medical (RAM) have made this their mission “by providing free health care, dental care, eye care, veterinary services, and technical and educational assistance to people in remote areas of the United States and the world.” The charitable organization is run entirely by volunteer doctors, nurses, opticians, veterinarians, and pilots, typically setting up shop at universities or sports arenas for two to three-day stints.

As part of GE’s Focus Forward short film collection, two filmmakers observed one of RAM’s “no-cost” healthcare clinics set up in Bristol, Tennessee’s NASCAR Speedway. Over the course of three days in April, 2012, RAM volunteers treated nearly 2000 patients.

Through interviews with volunteers and patients, as well as powerful photography of the hoards of uninsured Americans seeking treatment, the short film paints a very human picture of an issue that is often discussed in terms of dollars and statistics.

A feature length version of the film is in the works. Visit the film’s Facebook page for future updates.

If you would like to volunteer with RAM, click here.


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Noble Vision GroupWomen in the Optical Industry

For this year’s issue of Vision Monday’sMost Influential Women in Optical,” they collaborated with the creatives at VisionWeb to produce this great infographic.

There are some very interesting stats here illustrating how far women have come in the eye care industry. Other stats, however, remind us that there is still progress to be made.


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Noble Vision Group20 Creative Healthcare & Pharma Ads


We’re back with a second round of creative healthcare and pharma ads to give you some inspiration. Healthcare and pharma companies don’t usually produce the sexiest products, but that hasn’t stopped some talented designers from creating tons of clever and eye-catching ads for the industry. Check out our gallery below and let us know what you think in the comments section. If you’ve seen a healthcare or pharma ad recently that’s caught your eye, send us a link.

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Noble Vision Group

An Interview with Dr. Alan Glazier, O.D. & Emarketing Specialist

At the beginning of the month, we published a post about the Seeing is Believing Optometric Emarketing Virtual Conference, which takes place January 30-31, 2013. We were very intrigued by this concept, so we contacted the creator of the event, Dr. Alan Glazier, to learn more.

Dr. Alan Glazier

On top of being the owner and founder of Shady Grove Eye and Vision in Rockville, MD, Dr. Glazier is a thought leader in emarketing for the eye care industry and author of the book Searchial Marketing. He was kind enough to speak with us for a few minutes to give us a better idea of what the conference is and the process behind its development:

NVG: How did the idea for the conference come about?

Dr. Glazier: Having a conference on emarketing was my idea. I’ve been involved in the emarketing industry for a while now as a professional blogger and as a writer–I wrote a book on it. I’ve also been heavily involved as a lecturer. I thought there was enough of an interest in it to have a conference just on that topic and maybe even some internet and office connectivity stuff that kind of ties into it indirectly, like hooking up peripheral hardware within the office, and EHR/EMR stuff.

In speaking to Daniel Rostenne of EyeCarePro, he thought it was a great idea and suggested that perhaps we should make it virtual, which was an interesting idea. Virtual conferencing had been tried before once in the industry by the Expos. That was a few years back—things have changed, technology has gotten better, and we started looking into it. We really wanted to do something very different and novel. It occurred to us that this was probably the way to stay because by using this platform, we’ll be practicing what we preach.

NVG: What are some of the challenges you’ve run into in planning a unique event like this?

So far we’ve had incredible luck, in that we haven’t really run into any significant challenges. We were able to find the right software for us, we were able to attract a very high level advisory board—the Mount Rushmore of optometric marketing in business advisors. They were very excited about it right away and ever since then, anyone we’ve talked to about it has pretty much been on board with either getting involved as a lecturer, a sponsor, or helping out.

I also believe from the response we’ve seen in publicizing it out there, there’s a lot of excitement about it. For people in this day and age, traveling to conferences is not only time consuming, it takes away time with the family, and it’s expensive, even to the point of being cost prohibitive for a lot of people. I think it presents a nice option to be able to sit around their home, their living room, or their desk, to attend conferences when they want to or listen to recorded conferences later, and interact with vendors without having to get on the telephone with them.

It’s all very compelling to people, and as a result I don’t think we’ve come across any significant challenges yet, but not to say they won’t happen.

NVG: Can you walk us through a typical attendee’s experience at the event?

On the day of the conference there’s a simple registration and a reasonable fee for attending—much less than a typical conference. The software enables you to literally enter the conference and attend the sessions that you want to attend. Some of the sessions will be live, some of them will be recorded. The recorded ones will have the presenter live, answering questions through a text message-like system.

Attendees will be able to enter the exhibit hall through a virtual reality-type environment where they’ll actually navigate with their mouse through visual icons. The conference doors will open up and they’ll approach a booth. Inside the booth, there will be reps from the companies in video form speaking to them. They’ll be able to ask questions and interact with live people manning the booths. It’s very similar to how you would imagine a Second Life-type situation where you are able to move through a virtual reality-type environment.

NVG: Why do you think this conference is important and why should ODs attend?

The tradition methods of marketing are bearing less and less fruit. I believe it’s important for the marketing side of this conference, but I want to emphasize that this conference has more depth than just emarketing—it’s a connectivity and emarketing conference.

We want to expose eye doctors to how important it is have a presence online, whether it’s through social media marketing or search engine optimization. We want to teach them the ability to have different ways of interacting with patients and drawing them towards their business.

It just so happens that traditional marketing is getting less and less popular and more and more people are using search engines and social media to find the information they’re looking for. It’s just a continuation of what I’ve been saying for a while in my lectures—that I’ve eliminating all traditional marketing from my practice. I used search engine optimization and followed up two years later with social media to draw people into my business, saving tons of money and having a much greater effect.

Doctors can be doing this while maintaining professionalism and increasing their reach. That’s really the goal of the conference from a marketing standpoint. From a connectivity standpoint, there’s a lot of questions out there with the changes in the healthcare laws and the meaningful use applications. There will be lectures on how to implement meaningful use and to get your peripheral testing devices to feed into your electronic records, and information on EHRs.

NVG: How do you hope this conference will move the industry forward?

I’ve thought about following this up with a Seeing is Believing clinical track maybe six or eight months out, seeing how this conference goes. I definitely think that this is an option that people will slowly accept, and as it gains acceptance, hopefully the state boards will start to accept credits for things like this more willingly. Some state boards currently do accept credit from things like this and some of them are on the fence, qualifying this as internet education, and some of them just won’t accept it at all. I’d like to see a greater acceptance of this form of education by state boards for continuing education.

NVG: What do you think is the benefit of online marketing and social media for the optometry industry in particular?

Nowadays, if you don’t have an online presence, to many of your potential patients, you don’t exist. 8.5 out of 10 people search for their healthcare provider in Google. If you don’t have a presence there, you’re in trouble because not as many people are finding you.

If you’re out there and involved and engaged, Google actually gives you points and adds value to your links and elevates them so people can find you. It’s almost not even a question of whether or not people want to do this—it’s almost like you have to do it now.

NVG: Is there any other information you think people should know about the conference?

We’re excited to welcome Neil Gailmard, Angel Alvarez, Gary Gerber, and Nathan Bonilla-Warford to our planning board. All of these gentlemen bring a tremendous amount of industry experience and are recognized thought leaders. Their decision to participate on our board is in and of itself a huge statement to how important this is and how forward thinking it is. I think that should draw a lot of attention to the event.

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