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The Grip Clip: A Useful Eyewear Accessory   Two graduating Stanford students have invented an eyewear accessory to address a common problem experienced by builders and artists the world over. Atticus Anderson and Blake Crowe have utilized their knowledge of mechanical engineering and product design to create the Grip Clip, “piece of soft plastic that [...]

Algorithms: A Documentary On Blind Chess Over the course of four years and more than 240 hours of footage, British filmmaker, Ian McDonald has put together the first feature length documentary on Blind Chess, titled Algorithms. The film documents the little know world of Blind Chess in India, following a group of talented young chess [...]

Some New Apps for the Visually Impaired As mobile devices and the apps that go with them become more and more sophisticated, smartphones and tablets have quickly been adopted as valuable tools for the blind. We’ve written before about apps for the visually impaired, but here are a couple more recent ones you may not [...]

3D Printing: Creating Your Own Medicine We always love to hear about the latest developments in 3D printing. Whether the technology is printing consumer goods, food, or body parts, 3D printing will change the world in the coming decades. In one of the latest TED Talks to be released online, Lee Cronin, a professor of [...]

Some Game Day Recipes for Healthy Eyes   You may not have heard, but there’s a pretty big football game coming up this Sunday. The American tradition that is the Superbowl, however, is much more than just football—it’s about spending time with friends and family, offering your opinion on the commercials and halftime show, and, [...]

Eye Care Philanthropy Spotlight: The Joshua Project Joshua Goldenberg of Simi Valley, California was born blind with a rare condition called Bilateral Microphthalmia. Despite his visual impairment, Joshua has become an independent, inquisitive 8-year-old. He’s accomplished a lot for such a young age–he’s been on TV more than once, he’s met the Dallas Cowboys, and, [...]

Looking at the Stars: A Documentary About a Ballet School for the Blind 16 years ago, when ballet student Fernanda Bianchini was just 15 years old, she received an invitation from one of the nuns at Padre Chico Institute for the Blind in São Paulo, Brazil to teach a group of visually impaired girls how [...]

How our Sight Works [Infographic] Our friends at Zenni Optical created this detailed infographic full of great information explaining the process through which our eyes turn light into sight. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments section below.   Presented By Zenni optical Prescription EyeglassesContact Noble Vision Group

Omnio: A New Medical App Designed to Stop Doctors from Going MAD Since the mobile app market emerged just a few short years ago, there are now dozens of medical apps available to physicians. While there are lots of great medical apps out there, app developer Skyscape believes that many of them are too fragmented, [...]

Digital Eye Strain: The Impact of Electronic Devices on Vision   A guest post from Vance Hobbes – Vance Hobbes is a freelance writer and former medical researcher. He writes about many facets of the medical field and works with CompHealth. When he’s not writing the day away, he spends his free time tending to [...]