Patrick H. Witham, Director

CEO’s today recognize that they must be innovative if they are to keep up with an ever more complex and dynamic global market. As a vital part of an overall business strategy, top CEO’s are fast recognizing the need to make organizational changes to support collaborative innovation and derive profit from valuable ideas, no matter where they originate. Noble Vision Group is dedicated to providing an environment in which the processes and structure foster innovation. Our team of highly respected innovators, regulatory experts, leading surgeons and medical investigators are dedicated to an entire process from innovation to commercialization.

We invite you to put Nobility in Motion™, and experience the collaboration that happens here.

Leading collaborative innovation within the eye care arena, the Noble Vision Group team provides unparalleled support to its strategic partners in optimizing their marketing activities before, during, and after a product launch.


An Industry Community

We work diligently towards our vision of a cloud-based ophthalmic community that utilizes the tools of our time to cultivate conversation, information exchange and intellectual growth. Such dynamic interaction can only occur within an online ophthalmic network, enabling the creation of unique processes and structure to foster innovation.  Through rapid dissemination of topical and relevant knowledge, Noble Vision Group and its team of Medical, Scientific and Regulatory Advisors are dedicated to providing an atmosphere for collaborative advancement of ocular health care. Follow Noble Vision Group on Twitter and stay connected with our entire Scientific Team, including, Evan Black, M.D., Mitchell Jackson, M.D., Paul Karpecki, O.D., Robert Kellan, M.D.,  Paul Koch, M.D., Kathy Mastrota, O.D. and J.E. “Jay” McDonald, M.D.

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